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If you are to move somewhere across countries or even oceans, it’s going to be hard to transport all your things around. There are some appliances which could be very big and difficult to carry with you, and that could be stressful.

However, these big items are a far cry from the demands of moving a whole car. This is why auto transport services have increased in popularity over time. Aside from saving you the hassle of transporting thousands of pounds on your own, you also save on the money and effort to get things done. 

Such establishments own transportation devices to carry any car around, so you can be sure that the service will be smooth sailing. Even if it isn’t, most car transportation services have insurance and will reimburse you for any damages to the vehicle if it was damaged while in their possession. But, there are a few things that you should be prepared for. Here are a few things to do before engaging in trusting in an auto transport service.

  1. Prep your Car

As a rule of thumb, Before you entrust your property to other people, be sure to have the vehicle checked by licensed mechanics like the team at Technique Automotive. Let your car have total inspection of the outer and inner conditions, so as to make sure that it is in tiptop shape and ready for shipment. After that, get a certification of car inspection from the mechanic; let him indicate the present condition and specifications of the car prior to the travel. It will be your proof against companies who would tell you that your car has been damaged before it was handed to them.

  2. Insure your Car

To make sure that your car will come out victorious and safe no matter what happens; enroll it in a car insurance plan. Choose a plan which would cover shipment damages and transport malfunctions. Be careful in choosing the programs to purchase; there are some plans which only cater to brisk damages and local accidents. Pick something which has the widest coverage so you won’t feel sorry if your needs go uncovered.

  3. Get Proof

Before you hand your car to the shipment personnel, take pictures of it first. This will also serve as proof of documentation that your car was in good shape prior to the transit. You may also use this as a comparison once the car is back in your possession. As much as possible, use a camera which has a very fine resolution; blurred pictures may null the accuracy and value of the photos. Take shots from all angles, putting emphasis on the visible damages and scratches. Just be sure to cover every part of it so you’ll know if there were damages to the vehicle while in the possession of the transportation service. 

 4. Get Bare

Rid your car of any personal items such as mobile phones or car keys—these are not needed to process the shipment. It will only add on to the load of the car. Also, drain all of its fuel, oils, etc.; this is to prevent fire incidences through leakage.

Once you follow those steps, you’ll be ready to ship your car overseas. While you wait on it to arrive at your destination, you’ll need to remember to have a rental car or alternate transportation available. Best wishes in your upcoming move from the crew at Technique Automotive in Pelham, AL.

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