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When most people think about vehicle maintenance, endless service fees, and mechanical costs,  a big dent in your wallet comes to mind. While vehicle maintenance tends to have an expensive stigma, it’s usually because car owners don’t typically maintain their vehicle and have to deal with a bunch of smaller issues that build into a really expensive one, very quickly.


This is why regular vehicle maintenance can save you thousands of dollars, and most people don’t take advantage of it. A lot of mechanics benefit from the fact that people don’t take care of their vehicle on a regular basis, but not anymore! This article is going to help you save thousands in the long run and that’s what really matters. 


First and foremost, what is regular vehicle maintenance? Regular vehicle maintenance is just regularly checking the different parts of your vehicle, not just waiting until something major goes wrong. Most of which can be performed by you in simple steps. For example, something as simple as acquainting yourself with the owner’s manual of your vehicle, could drastically change how you see motor problems. All of a sudden, these large, seemingly impossible check-ups for cars don’t need a mechanic every time because YOU know your car, and that saves you a lot of money on basic things like checking tire pressure and knowing when to schedule service based on mileage.

Is a DIY oil change worth it?

idrivesafely, has a great article on different things you can do for regular vehicle maintenance that don’t require a mechanic. Check that article out here. One of the most common things that can be done yourself that people pay for is an oil change. Yep! You’ve been paying mechanics to do that all this time you could have saved money and done it yourself. But for most of us, the added cost isn’t worth the time, headache, and well..messy oil stains in the garage floor! That’s why many of our customers at Technique Automotive tend to prefer for us to do regular oil changes for them at our Pelham, AL location.

This way, you have a certified mechanic looking over the condition of your car each time you change the oil. This is especially important if you frequently tow a trailer, as brakes, transmissions and other components tend to wear out earlier due to the extra towing weight.

Car Oil Lube and Filter Change Garage Pelham AL

If you’re not in a location that’s convenient to Pelham or Alabaster, there’s definitely someone nearby who can help as well. And don’t forget about your dealer’s service department as well. Maybe check out car dealers like Allen Honda in Texas, that are specific to your car brand and may offer extended maintenance plans on the vehicles they sell new.

Point being, regular vehicle maintenance, either by yourself or a professional, can save you big bucks in the long run. According to statistics, basic regular vehicle maintenance can start at less than $100 per year. That’s a big save considering how expensive some repairs can be later down the road. Like we said earlier, lots of smaller issues build into a really expensive ones, very quickly, so it’s so much less expensive to do regular small maintenance checks than constantly pay out large amounts of money when something goes wrong. So, try out regular vehicle maintenance, it’s one of those few things that are good for everyone.

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